Thai Sausage Wraps

Mieng Ka Na is often served as a snack on the streets of Bangkok, wrapped to order in betel nut leaves. At Bangkok Cafe, diners use lettuce leaves to roll their own hand-wraps, filling them with rich Thai sausage, Thai chili peppers, shallots, ginger, and tiny slices of lime. Mix your preffered ingredients to taste. Salty. Spicy. Sour. Sweet.

Mieng Kha Na is only one of the many authentic and delicious dishes at Bangkok Cafe.


Sawatdee… Welcome to Bangkok Café. We hope you enjoy your visit here.

Our food is based on recipes from Noy’s hometown which is just south of Bangkok, about 15 minutes from Suvarnabhumi Airport, right on the Gulf of Siam.  Everything is homemade and prepared one by one when you order. We can always spice up a dish if you like but also have plenty of choices that are not spicy at all. And, we don’t use MSG at all, there’s none in the building!

Bangkok Cafe has been serving the Englewood and greater Denver area authentic Thai food since 2003. By offering traditional dishes born of family recipes, we hope to provide you with an enjoyable dining experience. Bangkok Cafe is location at 1225 East Hampden Avenue, Englewood, CO 80113.


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